Of the Prasidhha Kachori

The only problem that you face is that most trains stop for hardly two minutes at the station. I am not saying that it is not sufficient enough to get in touch to one of the “Shegaon’s prasiddha kachori” vendors.

Shegaon is located at the district Buldhana in Maharashtra. This is the place where Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj made his first appearance. This place is a destination to a large number of devotees who come pay to pray at the Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj which is situated here. Besides the temple, there is a huge park spread over 350 acres known as Anand Sagar, where devotees come over to spend their time. But amidst all this there is the Shegaon’s kachori that takes a lot of attention. For a person traveling by train via Shegaon, even if he is not aware of the temple or the park (which is highly unlikely), he/she will definitely realize that this kachori must be some speciality. The vendors at the station take pride while selling the kachoris while yelling “Shegaon ki prasiddha Kachori” – Shegaon’s famous kachori.

Now, I am very sure we all know what a kachori is. However, with full regards to the reader’s intellect, I would like to humbly explain what type of food we are referring to when using the word kachori.

Well kachori is a spicy snack that generally comes in the shape of a round flattened ball. It is made of flour and has a stuffing of a mixture of baked moong dal, urad dal, gram flour, black pepper, red chilli powder, salt and other spices. Of course the stuffing and preparation would vary and that’s the beauty of cooking.

Variety is the spice of life and that was what Mr. Tirathram Karamchand Sharma worked on. In the year 1951 in front of Shegaon railway station, Mr. Sharma experimented with the mix and match of the processes and spices that goes into making kachori. What he made is known today as the popular kachori from Shegaon. Besides all of it, this is probably the only ISO certified process of kachori preparation.

So what makes it different? Well for starters, it is not the round shaped kachori that we generally see. It is flat and circular, looks somewhat like a puri. Now, the covering of the kachori is made of all-purpose flour, butter and salt. This does not seem to be much different right. But then comes the inner filling. What goes into the filling is moong dal (what’s new), cumin (again what’s new), garam masala (what’s wrong with you, what’s new), red chilli powder, turmeric, sugar and salt (grrrrrrr). What makes it different is probably the sugar and the fennel seeds that go into its filling. These provide a unique taste that stays in your mouth. Of course, then the ISO certified process of manufacturing probably comes into play which is the other major reason behind this kachori being so renowned.

Well I am not going into the recipe for making it, as only those people working at what is referred to as the Bhatti at the Shegaon railway station are best aware of. But then, you don’t have to go all the way down to Shegaon to try out the kachori. It is available at many other major cities in Maharashtra where vendors vigorously flaunt the usage of the term Shegaon ki prasidhha Kachori.

If you are on your way to Mumbai or Pune or any other city which has Shegaon en-route, then do try out this kachori. And don’t just try, but also let me and other’s know, how would you compare it to other variants of kachori. Yours truly is not  challenging that this kachori is above others, but being a foodie himself, wants to know, what other variants are worth a mention or need to be tried when en-route.