Potator Chops

Cooking for Daughter’s friends

Daughter is growing younger and now begins the times when she can call friends home for pyjama parties. Fortunately, it is lunch this time. Along with the fun, games and movies the event demands some really good food. Since, this is the first time I was planning a lunch for young almost teens; I thought I would keep the mix a fusion but very very simple.

 So here is what i decided Corn Chips with Spicy Tomato Salsa, Vegetarian Potato Chops, Veg fried Rice, fruit Punch and the all time favourite ice-cream cones. Sounds complicated but very very simple to organise.

Tomato Salsa is a quick and 5 minute recipe, 2-3 ripe tomatoes, coriander, finely cut green chillies, a few herbs and salt. Thats it. All you need to remember is that it should be made into a paste, it should be crushed just enough so that the tomatoes get mashed and remain pulpy.

Potato chops is an East Indian recipe generally made out of stuffing mince meat masala inside mashed potato balls and shallow fried in a pan. This is my personal favourite for cooking as well as eating. Since, some of the kids were vegetarian so changed a bit by replacing the minced meat with soya granules. So here is what i did-

 1. Boiled and mashed the potatoes and made balls.

2. Cooked a mixture of soya granules, mashed green peas, minced cauliflower with bottle masala in ghee. A dash of lemon and chopped mint leaves.

3. Stuffed the balls with the mixture and shallow fried in the pans.

 I knew this would be the biggest hit on the menu but …….. guess what?  I messed up with the quantities and here i had 8 potato chops for 5 kids. Poor kids had to keep the thirst  for next time.

 Followed up with another favourite for all….. Desi Chinese. I think I have now, mastered the art of making veg fried rice with paneer chilly gravy. This was another hit and had to make a second round of the  gravy.

 This was followed by ice cream and a frozen Oreo cake. A base of crushed Oreo biscuits with butter topped by a mix of cream, cocoa, a bit of coffee and ground sugar. Frozen enough to look and feel like a cake. This is again something I fell short on quantity on and had to just give a pizza slice share to all the kids.

 All in all realised that, if you make the kids happy you have found heaven.