Potator Chops

Cooking for Daughter’s friends

Daughter is growing younger and now begins the times when she can call friends home for pyjama parties. Fortunately, it is lunch this time...

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Reliving the Nostalgia — Delhi

With my brother down from New Zealand to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family, it was also the perfect time to visit Delhi with family after a gap of over 20 years. My 11 year old was traveling to Delhi for the first time to meet her paternal uncles and aunts. This was made special as all the siblings decided to go together with their families and suddenly it was a huge group.

This trip was meant to reconnect with relatives, visit the famous monuments of Delhi & Agra and also explore the food in and around Delhi. Delhi brings to me special memories of Samosas, Kachoris, Chole bhature, home cooked mutton, tandoori rotis and so much more. It was time to relive all the nostalgia.

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Taareef Logo

Worth the Taareef – Restaurant in Pune

Taareef, a restaurant located at Aundh in Pune is one of those places which I frequent a lot. I remember one particular instance when I had convinced some of my friends to try the place for dinner...

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Thai Chilly Rice

Thai Cuisine at Malaka Spice

Would you prefer a joint well known for its taste over a fine dining restaurant? Well, the answer would more often be yes than no. But then, there are certain situations when the answer would vary. Going out on a dinner date with your wife on your anniversary to a dhaba, irrespective of the quality of food there, would not be exactly the wisest of decisions. You don’t want to make her regret saying yes to you, at least on that day.

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Chhole Bhature

If you visit Delhi and do not manage to grab hold of Pindi Chhole with Bhature or Kulcha is like visiting Mumbai and not having Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji there.

Chhole Bhature is the most popular street f...

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Dal, maach and aloo bhaja

Bengali Food in Pune

Hunting for a Bengali food restaurant in Pune did turn out to be quite tiresome. There are a  few, but we were looking for real authentic Bengali food. In short, we were not exactly looking for restaurants which have Bengali cuisine mentioned in their specialties and posto spelled wrongly in their menus.

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Anda Bhurji

Anda Bhurji – Indianised Scrambled Eggs

Egg is a versatile food ingredient. It can be the main ingredient of a recipe or a silent one building the end product. But surely holds its place strong.

Anda(egg) Bhurji,Indian(ised) scrambled eggs, was always the staple food, specifically when

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